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At BuyAssociation, we have gained 16 years of experience in the property investment industry, after working closely with top developers and investors both nationally and internationally. Our goal, as an award-winning team of consultants, is to find properties that have the potential to produce strong yields and capital growth. By taking a consultative approach to best understand the needs, requirements and property goals of our clients, we endeavour to ensure that the off-market properties we source exceed our investors’ expectations. For us, acquiring strong and lucrative opportunities for our community of investors is at the forefront of our services. We operate across prime locations in the UK. With investment opportunities based in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, South Yorkshire and more, we aspire to enable our clients to build or grow their portfolios in the most beneficial way. 

For us, forming relationships with established developers, understanding market forecasts and growths, researching prime locations for investment and collaborating with our investors, are top priority. By combining these elements, we can work towards a portfolio of opportunities that are valuable, profitable and diverse. 

By joining forces with BuyAssociation, you can expect to secure investments at the most opportune point in the development process. We unite developers and investors at the early stage of each project, providing exclusive access to unique properties before they come on the market, ensuring that our investors, both UK-based and international as well as institutional partners, benefit from strong ROI and high yields. BuyAssociation is passionate about sourcing distinctive properties that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. We focus on making the process of investment as streamlined as possible from start to finish, making sure to maintain communication and keep a paper trail of every activity. From the moment you enquire with us, to the moment we hand over to our developers to complete your transaction, we make a commitment to provide our clients with a hassle-free, seamless experience. Our prominent position in the market, coupled with our consultative approach to investment, gives us an advantage in helping investors secure valuable investment properties. 

To discuss your investment property goals, receive regular updates on exciting developments and become part of our strong community of investors, contact our friendly team today.

UK Houses & Investment Properties For Sale

What is a buy-to-let property?

In its simplest terms, a buy-to-let property is an asset which enables investors to gain long-term rental returns from tenants. Properties of this type produce rental income and capital gains, whereby the investor buys the property with the sole purpose of renting it to a tenant (or multiple tenants). Typically, this investment type is identified as being highly lucrative – offering potential high returns and capital gain once the property is eventually resold. However, how you make profits on a rental property depends on your intentions and aims when purchasing the property in the first instance. The broad umbrella of buy-to-let includes standard residential homes, social housing, HMOs (houses in multiple occupation) and holiday rentals – all of which operate in slightly different ways and provide varying outcomes.

The UK’s buy-to-let property market

The UK property market is thriving and one of the most lucrative investment markets in the world with an excellent track record for demand. The buy-to-let (BTL) sector is considered an incredibly worthwhile investment area due to the ever-increasing tenant demand, rising yields and capital growth potential throughout many cities in the UK. Furthermore, last year’s stamp duty holiday for homes worth up to £500,000 brought swathes of both homebuyers and investors to the UK housing market. According to figures collated from the end of 2020, there are now approximately 2.7m BTL landlords running homes across the UK property market. 

With the demand for rental properties on the rise and development schemes underway in the country’s major cities, buy-to-let properties remain a stable, worthwhile investment.

The housing market in the UK has seen an impressive growth in property value over the past 10 years, with forecasts predicting more rises in the coming years. In fact, HM Land Registry statistics over the last few years identify that prices have shown a consistent upward trend. This is a clear demonstration of how profitable the housing market continues to be – showcasing how property investment has a positive future ahead. 

So, why specifically is the buy-to-let sector so credible? Private renting makes up a significant portion of the housing market, with tenants comprising one-fifth of households in the country. Renting is particularly popular with a younger demographic, looking for an affordable means of accommodation during the early stages of their professional careers. In business hot-spots such as London, Manchester and Birmingham, private renting is deemed as ideal, due to the affordability, convenient location and commute into the city, and fewer upfront costs compared to home ownership.

Off-market investment property opportunities with BuyAssociation

Here at BuyAssociation, we focus on sourcing off-market properties before anyone else. The investment opportunities you will find with us are one-of-a-kind and will not be accessible from anyone else. We provide our clients with exclusive access to upcoming, innovative projects directly sourced from leading developers operating across the UK. Our forward-thinking approach to investment ensures that we are always ahead in detecting lucrative opportunities in the most sought after areas in the country. Upon identifying and securing investment properties, we deliver these opportunities straight to our investors – completely free of charge.

By choosing BuyAssociation to guide you on your investment journey, you can rest assured that our experienced consultants will prioritise your objectives in steering you towards your goals. If you are a property investor wanting to diversify your investment portfolio, or a first-time investor new to the UK property market, speak to our trained consultants today for access to the best deals, discounts and advantageous opportunities.

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First access to properties

We specialise in bringing investors and developers together at the initial stages of the development process, enabling properties to be secured at their lowest price. By securing deals early, investors reap the benefits of higher returns over time, with strong and sustainable yields. The experience and expertise we have gathered over 16 years in the market boosts our ability to continuously supply advantageous opportunities in the industry. 

Our team of consultants are highly committed to getting to know our clients in order to suggest the best course of action and most suitable developments. We do not believe in dictating to our investors; in fact, we have a strong understanding of how each investor differs from the next. Consequently, our client-focused process allows us to take time in discussing your current portfolio, long-term plans, budgets and goals. By taking individual requirements into consideration, we are able to tailor our comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring the bespoke services that each of our clients deserve. 

Streamlined processes

Our team of qualified consultants in the investment sector work particularly hard to achieve a straight-forward and efficient process from start to finish. We are dedicated to making investment as simple as possible, which we accomplish by applying our wealth of knowledge, professionalism and diligence to every scenario we face with our clients. By exemplifying our proficiency and attentiveness throughout everything we do, our clients feel secure and confident in their investment decisions. The highly organised structure we follow allows for regular and transparent communication with our clients to make sure they are kept informed throughout the project and investment process. We keep paper trails of every aspect of the process, streamlining and documenting all communications, transactions and handover information. By organising this data, clients can keep track of every completed action taken. 

Key locations

We pay continual close attention to the leading, emerging and thriving locations across the country. We conduct thorough research of forecasts, economic growths and upcoming development plans that we feel are most beneficial to our investors. By considering important metrics such as property prices, rental yields, BTL demand and population, we are able to detect the most dominant trends and areas in the UK. We work with first-class property developers and emerging development companies in prime cities and towns to deliver investment opportunities that are worthwhile, valuable and unique. Some of our focal points for investment opportunities are Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Salford, Birmingham and Nottingham. We consider these cities to be exciting property hotspots with a strong potential for growth over the coming years, which is why we work hard to secure opportunities here for our clients. 

Why you should consider a buy-to-let investment property

Property in itself, particularly within the UK, is renowned for providing passive income, being versatile, controllable and stable. Property offers an element of flexibility, allowing investors to take direct control of their investment to fit evolving requirements and trends. By carefully investing in buy-to-let property and building a strong portfolio, you can expect to benefit from long-term regular income and capital appreciation. With research forecasts implying that house prices will continue to rise in the next 10 years, buyers who choose to invest now are most likely to benefit from capital gains when selling their properties in the next decade.  

Strong rental yields

For landlords with property portfolios, finding ways to maximise yields is essential for long-term income. As it stands, average yields across the country are high, signifying the strength of the UK’s buy-to-let market. Typically, the highest average yield for portfolio landlords is 6.7%, where single property owners can expect to earn an average of 5.4%. Recent records show that both the South West and North East of England are producing the highest returns for the private rented sector, with the South East and London trailing behind with the lowest yields. However, there are particular locations across the region which boast higher success rates than others, which is why focusing largely on thriving cities is important when it comes to selecting the right property to invest in. 

manchester buildings

Rising house prices and rent costs

Studies have shown that the price of homes in the UK has increased at a higher rate than any other European country. As a result, the strengthening housing market has benefited millions of homeowners due to their property increasing in value over the years. According to Savills, their five-year house price forecast predicts that by 2024, the UK will see at least a 15% rise in property prices. In addition to rising house prices, the average rental cost is the highest it has ever been in the UK, averaging at £1,061 per calendar month. The surge in rental costs comes as a result of post-pandemic urgencies to move home, increased demand and higher tax costs for landlords. 

High tenant demand nationwide

Over the past few years, private renting has gone from strength to strength, and the surge in tenant demand has not gone unnoticed. Many people living in the UK are unable to afford mortgages or secure their own homes, which is a huge contributor to the success of private renting. Additionally, the increased requirement for homes combined with the under-supply of housing is driving more plans across the country to construct and develop residential projects to meet the demand. With city-centre living popularising, increasing numbers of young professionals looking to rent and renting becoming more affordable than buying, there has never been a better time to invest in this sector. 

media city

Flexibility and control 

One of the most positive aspects of property investment is the ability to adjust and amend your investment as trends and markets evolve. With property, landlords can continue to invest in refurbishments, additional amenities and upgrade facilities to meet the requirements of their tenants. Additionally, investors possess the power to decide when, where and how their property operates. From choosing the rental costs, deciding on an ideal tenant type to dictating the level of refurbishment carried out and how the property is managed, the property market gives investors the opportunity to direct their property portfolio to meet their specific requirements. 

Things to consider before investing in buy-to-let property

When done correctly and diligently, investing in buy-to-let can provide you with a regular source of income, increased cash flow and capital appreciation over time. This type of property is an incredibly popular choice with investors, as it is the only investment type which offers rental returns. However, to gain regular income from a BTL property, it is vital to consider the key metrics of what makes a successful investment property.

It is important to conduct research into the following factors as part of your decision-making process:

  • Employment opportunities in the area
  • Transport links
  • Tenant demographics
  • Educational institutions
  • Regeneration
  • Population growth
  • Demand for BTL property

By taking into account these crucial elements, you will be able to judge the overall performance of buy-to-let properties in the different locations around the country. However, like any investment, there are inevitable risks to consider with buy-to-let properties. It is important to plan ahead to prepare for market changes, drops in demand and void periods. You should implement long-term strategies and gain the knowledge required to maintain the success of your investment and prepare for any hiccups that may occur.

Some additional elements to consider before securing an investment property that you intend to let are:

  • The rental fees you will charge tenants, ensuring they are high enough to cover any mortgage payments
  • Long-term plans for portfolio growth and the property types you wish to possess
  • Legal obligations and responsibilities put in place by local authorities 
  • The type of tenants you are looking to let your property to
  • Whether you wish to purchase a hands-on or hands-off investment property


Once you have explored the most lucrative and successful locations to invest in, you can then begin to discuss your property investment goals with an experienced consultancy such as BuyAssociation. With our selection of off-plan buy-to-let properties in several prime locations in the UK, we aim to find the perfect property that meets your requirements.


Our buy-to-let locations in the UK

To manage a buy-to-let property with the strongest potential, it is absolutely essential to invest in high-growth areas with strong, consistent tenant demand. Developments that are placed in popular areas and located close to amenities, schools, transport links and business hubs make for extremely attractive investments. Well-located properties are most likely to boast strong returns and provide landlords with a regular income over time, particularly landlords with a large and diverse property portfolio. With the UK holding an ever-growing population and an increasing number of people looking for rental properties, investing in BTL properties has never been more advantageous. With the UK holding an ever-growing population and an increasing number of people looking for rental properties, investing in BTL properties has never been more advantageous. 

BuyAssociation concentrates on sourcing investment properties in emerging locations, with solid potential for growth and a thriving property market. We acquire a range of discounted, high quality residential properties from top developers in areas that are attractive to both investors and tenants. By taking all aspects into consideration, we ensure that the opportunities we source meet the requirements of all parties involved. It is essential that the developments we acquire embed value to the wider community, serving purpose for residents and investors alike.

By working with us, you will gain access to the most in-demand properties before anyone else. BuyAssociation works hard to provide a portfolio of investment opportunities that are varied, lucrative and rare in fast-emerging locations. If you are looking to diversify your property portfolio, or start your investment journey, turn to us today to discuss your goals.

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Manchester Property Investment

Manchester remains one of the top property investment hubs in the UK due to the innovative businesses that base themselves here, the popular educational institutions and the ongoing regeneration schemes that transform the city’s skyline. This Northern Powerhouse city has the highest demand for city-living outside of the capital, highlighting just how prominent this city is in the property market. With a population of 2.7million, Manchester’s demand for residential homes has never been higher. The low property prices combined with affordable rental costs, high levels of regeneration and successful industries is what establishes Manchester as one of the best places for buy-to-let investments in the UK. 

manchester aerial

Key Manchester property market facts:

  • As of October 2021, the average house price in Manchester currently sits at £209,160.
  • Savills predicts that rent prices will rise by at least 17% in the next 5 years
  • Manchester currently houses over 200,000 students, making it one of the biggest student hubs in Europe
  • The average rental yield in Manchester city centre is 5.37%, which is dramatically higher than the average yield in London 

The prosperous city of Manchester continues to prove itself as a firm favourite for investors across the globe. This city holds the title as the largest UK city region economy outside of London, and is currently worth £62.8 billion. The occupancy rates and population of Manchester city centre are growing rapidly each year, as young professionals, families and students recognise this city as one of the most desirable places to live in the country. Where BTL properties are concerned, there is a wide range of tenant types who are constantly searching for city centre accommodation. Furthermore, buy-to-let properties are increasingly popular with the large student demographic, as student accommodation scatters the city centre and surrounding boroughs. 

Manchester university

Why people choose to live in Manchester

This city has an immense amount to offer for the residents, students and professionals that choose to base themselves in Manchester. The rich history, unique culture, assortment of industry types and plethora of independent restaurants and bars are just a few of the many reasons why people from across the globe choose to call Manchester home. Additionally, regeneration schemes over the past few years have undoubtedly transformed the city, driving further career opportunities and enabling new businesses and companies to relocate to buildings that are high-quality, modern and innovative. By living and working in the city centre, residents benefit from impressive transport links that connect to almost every city in the UK. The easily accessible location of Manchester is just one of the many reasons that so many businesses are driven to this northern city. 

The opportunities sourced by us in Manchester

At BuyAssociation, we identify Manchester as one of the leading destinations for buy-to-let property investments in the UK. From HMOs in Greater Manchester to luxury residential apartments in the city centre, we provide a diverse range of property types for our community of national and international investors. As part of our mission to acquire premium developments in fantastic locations, we have provided our clients with access to an array of residential options including loft-style, rustic apartments and townhouses. For example, The Press is a conversion project that modernises a prominent grade ll-listed building in the city centre of Manchester. The one- and two-bedroom apartments are within close proximity to the famous Arndale shopping centre and also conveniently located close to Victoria train station.  For additional information on the opportunities available in Manchester, speak to our consultants to find a property that works for you.

the press manchester

Liverpool Property Investment

A home to rich culture, musical heritage and excellent industries – Liverpool is a destination that is bursting with opportunities for property investors. The tourism sector in Liverpool rivals some of the most prominent cities in the UK, and has been a huge contributor to the growing economy. The dynamic business scene, coupled with the flourishing property industry, makes Liverpool an excellent destination for investment. The attractiveness of Liverpool’s thriving buy-to-let property sector comes from the particularly low prices contrasted with the typically high yields. 

liverpool tower

Key Liverpool property market facts:

  • The average house price in Liverpool in 2021 currently stands at around £155,508
  • Property prices have grown rapidly in comparison to other UK cities, surpassing them by around 7% each year
  • The average yield in Liverpool is approximately 6.34%, around 2.34% higher than the national average
  • Rent is forecasted to grow by another 17% by 2025

With an impressive selection of figures that exemplify the growth and potential that Liverpool boasts, it is important to note the additional elements that drive investment to this lively city.  Regeneration is an aspect of development that continues to bring success to big cities. In addition to generating career opportunities, regeneration enables worldwide companies to relocate. The benefits of urban regeneration are felt by local residents and investors alike, due to the proliferation of revitalised homes, shops and districts that add value to the community. For Liverpool, regeneration has transformed the city in a number of ways, impacting the overall appeal of the city to visitors, investors, developers and homeowners. From the retail-led projects that breathe new life into the city, to the modernised residential developments that attract thousands of professionals, students and graduates, Liverpool is a one of the UK’s most transformed cities in recent years.

What attracts people to live and work in Liverpool?

In addition to the variety of shopping options, restaurants, music venues, and history, Liverpool is widely known and appreciated for its green spaces, docks and its impressive culture of art, theatre and music. One of the major points that homeowners and prospective residents consider when moving to Liverpool is also the affordability and low living costs. This is particularly appreciated by the large student population looking to live in city centre accommodation. There are approximately 70,000 students studying and living in Liverpool, which is in part due to the affordability and low rental costs that continue to drive population growth each year. We recognise this city for its incredibly fast-growing economy, excellent industries and bright future. For these reasons, we have actively collaborated with developers in the city centre and surrounding areas to acquire opportunities for our investors. 

The UK property market’s fastest growing city is… Liverpool
Park central 5

The properties we have acquired in Liverpool

At BuyAssociation, we have collaborated with Liverpool’s most experienced developers in sourcing exciting opportunities for our community of investors. The £5bn regeneration scheme, Park Central, saw the construction of a collection of waterfront apartments. This residential development project, based at the heart of Liverpool docks, incorporates fantastic facilities, uninterrupted views and convenient access to the city centre. The 14-storey building is an incredibly unique opportunity for BuyAssociation’s investors, which showcases just how exclusive the investment opportunities that we acquire truly are.

We are continuously searching for additional opportunities sourced by some of the best developers in the country. By keeping a close eye on upcoming projects and plans in the Liverpool area, we can ensure to obtain discounted prices for our investors looking to build a portfolio in Liverpool.To find out more about our residential properties or for expert assistance with your investment decisions, contact our team today.

Leeds Property Investment

Leeds has quickly become one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, positioning itself as one of the most desirable places to invest in. Following a surge in some of the UK’s leading industries locating to the area, combined with a rapid population growth, Leeds is seen as an emerging destination for profitable investment opportunities. Regeneration projects and the incredibly diverse economy is what has turned the heads of many investors and businesses towards this city. Furthermore, Leeds has the fastest growth in the private sector jobs market in the UK. Leeds city region has been recognised extensively for its contribution to the UK’s total economic value, making up 5% of its overall output. Key factors that have bolstered the thriving economy include the legal and financial sector, which is now larger than any other city outside of London. In addition to this, the HS2 transport link set to connect Leeds, Birmingham and London will initiate a growth in population, due to the ease of access it will provide to the capital city. 

Leeds named one of the best places to live  

Key Leeds property market facts:

  • House prices in Leeds have averaged at £234,045 over the course of 2021.
  • Rental yields are currently identified at around 5.1%, with the potential to achieve around 7% in high-demand areas
  • House prices have increased by 9% in the past 5 years, with prices anticipated to rise even further in the next 5 years.
  • The economy is expected to grow by 21% over the next decade.

For investors looking for capital price growth, Leeds has been named as one of the leading destinations in the UK for house price growth over the next 5 years. Despite this, the city is still applauded for its affordability and low house prices in comparison to the cost of living in other major UK cities. As a city based in the county of Yorkshire, residents and investors gain the benefits of some of the most scenic views in the region. With its rich Victorian history, beautiful architecture and multiple local attractions, the culture in Leeds and Yorkshire is truly distinctive. 

leeds canal

Why live and work in Leeds?

This cosmopolitan city is a prominent destination for buy-to-let investment due to the ongoing demand from buyers and renters. As a destination for young professionals looking for work in the thriving financial and digital sectors in Leeds, more and more individuals require rental property in this vibrant city. This demand, in contrast to the undersupply of residential properties, will undoubtedly boost house prices and rental costs even further in the coming years. This popular city is home to three universities, including the prestigious University of Leeds, where Poet Laureate Simon Armitage lectures. As a result, students are attracted to Leeds for the respected academic institutions but a high percentage of graduates choose to remain living in Leeds for its spectacular career opportunities and booming business hubs. Leeds prides itself on its diverse, talented and professional community of residents that choose to live, work and play in this Yorkshire city. 

How BuyAssociation has sourced investment opportunities in Leeds

At BuyAssociation, we have gained access to Leeds’ most relevant upcoming developments and project plans. We have witnessed the way in which Leeds has transformed in industry, economy and property and strongly believe in the fantastic potential that this city has to offer for our investors. As a city that holds a strong reputation for producing excellent rental incomes and capital gains, we commit to staying up-to-date with the latest developments that investors can benefit from. We continue to gather a growing collection of strong-yielding investor stock in a growing and emerging property market. With our expertise and knowledge of what our investors look for in the UK property investment market, we can continue to acquire opportunities that enhance the value of our clients’ portfolios. 


Birmingham Property Investment

Birmingham is the second largest city in the country, next to the capital city of London. This position is earned by the large population, with Birmingham now housing over 1.1 million people. From students and young professionals to families, the demographic of this West Midlands city is extremely diverse. The property market here has grown exponentially, as house prices have increased by around 13% over the past year, and prices are expected to rise dramatically off the back of infrastructure developments and regeneration projects taking place in the city. 

Key Birmingham property market facts:

  • The average house price sits at £216,302 as of October 2021
  • Rental yields reach around 7% in many areas of the city
  • Birmingham boasts a regional economy of £80 billion
  • The number of businesses in this city has risen by 13% in 2021

Here at BuyAssocation, we have witnessed first-hand the powerful impact that Birmingham has had on the UK economy. As a huge driving force behind the success of the country’s property market, Birmingham remains a top choice for investors, residents, developers and businesses alike. 

HS2 Driving Growth in the Birmingham City Centre Property Market

Why is Birmingham a worthwhile location to invest?

Rental demand has grown significantly in the past couple of years, in part due to the generation of jobs and upcoming regeneration schemes that are in the pipeline for Birmingham. The increasing number of companies in the financial and professional sectors has resulted in an abundance of offices within the city, opening up many career opportunities for the pool of talent generated by the top universities based in the heart of Birmingham city centre. The rich history associated with Birmingham’s connections to technology and science has attracted a large number of businesses to the city, inspiring many to relocate, innovate and start-up their companies in Birmingham. Investors are attracted to Birmingham for the low average house costs and lucrative returns. 

Investing in Birmingham with properties sourced by BuyAssociation

As an experienced investment consultancy with a deep understanding of Birmingham’s property market and the high returns and growth potential embedded here, we take pride in collaborating with established developers to bring our community of investors buy-to-let opportunities with potential for strong rental income. Our current investment portfolio delivers a wide range of residential properties for different tenant types and purposes. We have secured discounted launch prices on some of Birmingham city centre’s most exciting developments in central locations.  From state-of-the-art apartments comprising multi-media community rooms, a gym, and roof garden to contemporary facilities and amenities – the projects we deliver to investors are predicted to have high tenant demand and produce strong rental returns. 

If you are a current portfolio landlord with Birmingham on your map, speak to BuyAsociation about your property goals today. Our consultants will work with you to understand your situation before providing you with relevant advice and guidance. Alternatively, if you are a first-time buyer looking to find out how you can obtain investment property in Birmingham, our advisors can help. 

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Gain exclusive access to profitable investments from BuyAssociation today!

At BuyAssociation, our investors gain exclusive access to fantastic discounts on the UK’s most exciting developments. When it comes to sourcing the right opportunities for our valued clients, we take a variety of important elements into consideration before distributing them. As a skilled team of consultants with myriad qualifications, awards and experience under our belts, we know what comprises a valuable investment. Consequently, we utilise our expertise in helping investors across the region and overseas in securing suitable, prosperous buy-to-let investments.  Our careful approach to the investment process is what has led to our fantastic testimonials and what strengthens our relationships with developers and investors. Investors can enhance their collection with our portfolio of off-plan, hands-off and fully managed property investments in the form of buy-to-let, HMO, social housing and holiday let properties. Whatever your investment goals may be, speak to us today and allow us to guide you towards your targets. 

To find out more or to benefit from our exclusive investor community perks, contact us today on 0333 123 0320.