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Commuter Town Pays for Season Ticket in days
UK Housing Market
Kaylene Isherwood

How do commuting times impact house prices and rental costs?

Buying and renting outside of city centres can help homebuyers, landlords and tenants save money. What does rent and house prices look like in commuter towns? The COVID-19 pandemic has changed location preferences for many buyers

Trending News
Kaylene Isherwood

New-builds: The current scale of savings on energy bills

In light of spiralling energy costs, new-builds offer an opportunity for homebuyers, investors and tenants to make significant savings. Research by the Home Builders Federation illustrates the scale of savings energy efficient homes can offer.

green mortgages housing
Mortgages & Money
Eleanor Harvey

Green mortgages are now top of the agenda in buy-to-let

Buy-to-let landlords and property investors wanting to up their environmental credentials will find more choice than ever in the green mortgages market. Green mortgages are products that offer property owners incentives to take out borrowing

property renovate improve
Eleanor Harvey

What should you invest in to make your property more appealing?

Whether you’re a property owner looking to sell or a landlord trying to attract tenants, there are certain investments that are worth making. What people want from their homes has changed, in some ways dramatically,

EPC rent rise
Trending News
Eleanor Harvey

Could EPC improvement costs cause a rent rise for tenants?

As landlords consider the costs of making their rental homes more energy efficient, a rent rise could be on the cards as a knock-on effect. Energy efficiency in rental homes continues to be a hot


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Commuter Town Pays for Season Ticket in days

How do commuting times impact house prices and rental costs?


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