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All the latest news and updates relating to buy-to-let landlords and the private rented sector, from regulatory changes to new trends across the industry.

landlords UK buy-to-let
Buy-to-let Landlords
Eleanor Harvey

Where are the best locations for UK buy-to-let?

Property investors are always in search of the next top UK buy-to-let hotspot, where future market growth combined with strong yields will reap the best rewards. There are a range of different trackers and indices

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Buy-to-let Landlords
Eleanor Harvey

Build-to-rent is about much more than housing provision

Everyone is talking about the build-to-rent (BTR) sector as it continues on its outstanding growth trajectory, and it reveals a lot about the UK’s rental demand.  The growth of this niche sector in the property

property investment value
Eleanor Harvey

How you could add £35k to your home or property investment

Before making any property investment, whether as a homeowner or an investor, knowing about any potential capital appreciation prospects can make all the difference.  Homebuyers, landlords and property investors all have an interest in how

buy-to-let mortgage
Mortgages & Money
Eleanor Harvey

Buy-to-let mortgage market ramping up as sector flourishes

The start of 2022 has shown plenty of promise for the buy-to-let sector, with confidence and recovery across the buy-to-let mortgage space.  The number of buy-to-let mortgage products landlords now have access to has continued

Landlords to let rental
Buy-to-let Landlords
Eleanor Harvey

Landlords becoming even more crucial in UK housing market

As homeownership continues to be out of reach for many, the role of landlords and the private rented sector will become even more important.  One of the main factors holding back sales across the UK

tenants buying
Buy-to-let Landlords
Eleanor Harvey

Two fifths of tenants want to keep their rental home

The UK’s private rented sector is going from strength to strength, and the improvements aren’t going unnoticed by tenants… Today’s tenants are happier than ever in their rental homes, it seems. New research from Wayhome


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landlords UK buy-to-let

Where are the best locations for UK buy-to-let?


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