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When investing in property, it is vital to consider how much tax you will need to pay, including stamp duty on purchase, capital gains tax on sale, or income tax on any profits you make from renting it out, as this can all affect your bottom line. 

  • Stamp duty: All residential properties bought in England and Northern Ireland are subject to stamp duty land tax if they are above a certain price (currently £125,000 for your main residence, or £40,000 for additional properties). 

  • Capital gains: When selling an asset, capital gains tax (CGT) might be payable on any profits made, with the exception of it being your main residential property.

  • Corporation tax: Investing in and trading property as a limited company rather than an individual has become increasingly popular, and corporation tax is often due in this case.

  • Income tax: If you rent out a property, you will probably need to pay income tax on your profits, depending how much you make and your personal circumstances.

In our news section, we always try to cover the latest tax changes and updates that might affect property buyers, and if you become a member we can put you in touch with tax experts as well as accountants who can help.

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