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BuyAssociation was established in 2005 and offers free, unbiased information for consumers and those with a keen interest in the UK property market.


From educational material for overseas investors to up-to-date news on the property world, BuyAssociation is aimed at single investors and key decision makers, such as real estate agencies, property developers and the construction industry. 

Updated on a daily basis, BuyAssociation intends to provide impartial, easily digestible news for every member of the property market.

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Our Team

carolineCaroline Marshall-Roberts – Editor-in-chief 

Caroline is the Chief Executive of the BuyAssociation Group. Providing consumers with impartial advice on buying property overseas and in the UK has always been one of Caroline’s main aims. BuyAssociation is the outlet of that interest, stacked with daily news as well as useful expert advice and guides.

PaulinaPaulina Carl – Editor

Paulina is the editor at BuyAssociation. She covers topics like buy-to-let, the Northern Powerhouse and dips in and out of the UK economy and politics. She is fluent in three languages and thinks alliterations are the way to any reader’s heart.

Sam Hadfield – Contributing Writer

Sam is a contributing writer at BuyAssociation and a real source of knowledge when it comes to the British property market. His areas of extra expertise include the buy-to-let market, UK working property and anything related to shiny stock and pubs in and around Manchester.

Benjamin Ashcroft – Contributing Writer

Ben is a contributing writer at BuyAssociation and has spent four years living in Dubai. Recently, he has decided to come back to the UK and focuses on news regarding the Dubai property scene and “Proptech”, technological innovation made for the property industry.

paulcontributor Paul Collins – Contributing Writer

Paul has worked in property media and marketing for 13 years, covering stories across newspapers, magazines, online, radio and TV, and taking in UK and international investments.

jencontributor Jennifer Edmonstone – Contributing Writer

Jenny is a member of the sales team at Heaton Group Developments and manages Investor Relations. With focus on the Greater Manchester property market, buy-to-let and property renovations, she endeavours to keep her investors and wider network up to date with the latest news and advice.

jakecontributorJake Jennings – Contributing Writer

Jake is a contributing writer at BuyAssociation. He reports on the wider property market from an analytical perspective and most enjoys covering overseas investment, putting that down to his interest in travel.

katecontributorKate Hamilton – Contributing Writer

Kate is a freelance property journalist who has written for numerous publications including Show House, Homes Overseas, The Mail on Sunday, easyJet magazine and Inside ATM. She has a wide range of practical knowledge covering both the UK and international property investment markets.

aashcontributorAashim Dhand – Panel of Experts

Aash is the Managing Director and co-founder of PLS Solicitors. He is a residential and commercial property expert and manages a team of property lawyers. At BuyAssociation he is a member of the Panel of Experts and advises on property law.

chriscontributorChris Holland – Panel of Experts

Chris is Sales Director at the Heaton Group and predominantly deals with the legalities and finances for sales, lettings and developments, ensuring our investors are successfully guided through process. At BuyAssociation he is a member of the Panel of Experts and answers investor questions submitted to us.

rupertcontributorRupert Smith – Panel of Experts

Rupert is the founder of Complete RPI and has over 25 years of international property experience from agency, residential investment and the management sector. At BuyAssociation he is a member of the Panel of Experts and advises on residential lettings.

martinholdenMartin Holden – Panel of Experts

Martin is a chartered tax advisor specialising in UK tax for non-UK investors. His wealth of experience as an independent consultant and with multiple firms in the City, gives Martin the extra level of knowledge. At BuyAssociation he is a member of the Panel of Experts and advises on UK taxation.

markbaileyMark Bailey – Panel of Experts

Mark has been designing for longer than he can remember and has worked with some amazing brands. From banners to brochures, branding and everything else, Mark will be able to make your product shine. At BuyAssociation he is a member of the Panel of Experts and advises on property and marketing design.

jeremyJeremy Banks – Panel of Experts

Jeremy is a well-established photographer with a background in architecture and has extensive knowledge and experience in portraying his clients’ products in the perfect light. At BuyAssociation he is a member of the Panel of Experts and advises on architecture photography.

simonconnSimon Conn – Panel of Experts

Simon Conn has over 35 years’ experience in the overseas property market and has worked for a number of major financial services companies. He is well known within the overseas mortgage industry. At BuyAssociation he is a member of the Panel of Experts and advises on overseas property and finance matters.

Editorial Policy

  • BuyAssociation is committed to the highest editorial standards and to providing reliable, timely and objective information on all aspects of property investment and the UK property market.
  • We always strive to ensure that all content is founded on the best knowledge currently available.
  • Our content will be accurate, balanced and transparent. Where content contains conjecture or opinion, this will be clearly indicated.
  • In the event that errors or factual inaccuracies are found, we will make it a priority to right those wrongs. In case you find any such errors, please contact us via news@bamarketplace.com.
  • BuyAssociation is committed to editorial quality. News stories and feature articles are picked by an editorial team to ensure they are particularly relevant to readers.
  • Our aim is the highest quality of reporting, writing, photography and design. Any factual mistakes will be corrected instantly.
  • BuyAssociation will review this policy from time to time and reserves the right to make any changes as and when deemed appropriate.
  • BuyAssociation News operates as a part of the BuyAssociation Group.