Technological advances in the property market have been coming thick and fast in recent months, and the latest offerings allow people to try their hand at architecture and design as well as increasing the options for builders.

Modern architecture and construction has seen many developments with new materials, eco design and sustainability gaining a higher profile. Historically, architects and designers were reliant on using in-house design programmes and 3D software modelling to create new housing designs and build specifications.

Mobile apps allow anyone to design their own home

Now there is a new wave of technology allowing anyone to create their own ‘grand design’ using specifically designed apps that run on both iOS and Android. The new mobile apps allow individuals, small housebuilders and innovative would-be self-builders to model and design their new house from scratch without it costing a fortune in professional software and architects’ fees.

3D design inside and out

Apps such as the free Home Design 3D works in an intuitive way meaning even beginners can access it. The app can be used to design and decorate the exterior and interior of your property and create floor plans to produce a finished 3D design.

The award-winning Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design app is another housebuilding app that offers standard templates as well as enabling the user to create 2D plans of both the structure and the landscape.

Experienced 3D modellers charge high fees for their services, so the appeal of being able to create your own plans and design with a few taps on a screen is tempting and cost-effective. Many of the apps have augmented reality features, allowing you to move walls, play around with external and internal space and layouts, with the ability to save your designs online or with other devices.