For around £3m, you could snap up playwright Alan Bennett’s Camden home, which has just been put on the market. It’s said to be in exactly the same condition as when he bought it almost 50 years ago…

According to the listing on Rightmove, the three-bedroom Victorian house is “unique and very characterful” but now requires “complete renovation”.

The property was used as the film set for the 2015 blockbuster The Lady in the Van, based on Alan Bennett’s factual account of his experiences with the homeless Miss Shepherd, which he published as a play in 1989.


Bennett lived in the house for more than 40 years and wrote a number of his works there. He met Miss Shepherd in 1974 when she decided to start parking her van, which she lived in, at the top of his road in Camden, Gloucester Crescent.


After parking outside various houses on the street for several weeks, she stopped outside Bennett’s property. It was then that the author became a reluctant landlord to the elderly Miss Shepherd, after he let her park up on his driveway when the council imposed parking restrictions.

She remained living on Bennett’s drive in various dilapidated vans until her death 15 years later.

Photos: David Birkett Estate Agents