Royal Leamington Spa has been ranked the happiest place to live in Britain according to a Rightmove survey of more than 17,000 residents across Great Britain. The results saw four spa towns make the top ten list.

The Warwickshire town of Royal Leamington Spa came out on top in the survey which looked at factors such as safety, community spirit, friendliness of the locals, amenities and services as well as the ability to earn enough money to live comfortably.

According to the survey Royal Leamington Spa scored highly for friendly neighbours and a strong sense of belonging.

Commenting on the findings, Rightmove’s Research Manager Abiola Oni, said: “We’ve looked at the connection between each of the factors and what contributes to how happy people say they are overall, and it’s the people in an area and how someone feels about living there that makes the biggest difference.  So the strength of community spirit, people feeling like they belong and that they can be themselves are all more important than the services and money that they have, though these do still contribute to overall happiness.”

However, it would appear that while money can’t buy happiness it does make a difference when it comes to buying in Royal Leamington Spa with the average price of a home in Britain’s Happiest Place to Live coming in at £330,848, compared with the national average of £310,003

Other spa towns featuring in the top ten include Harrogate, Royal Tunbridge Wells and Epsom.