As most may expect, the South West is the South East’s little sister in both, size and price. And although the area is a lot more affordable than London and the South East, it still offers a wide variety of investment property.

The South West consists of six counties: Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. As you can probably imagine, this range of areas makes for a diverse mix in property.

Property Investment in England: Focus South East

The South West doesn’t only attract local buyers but has also been catching the eye of foreign investors as they get to choose from retail units, offices, rental properties and many more.

The region’s home hunters can choose from prestigious flats in brand new developments, beautifully presented waterside properties, semi detached family homes or even Grade II listed cottages.

Getting there and around

Although the South West may not be the most convenient commute to London, the capital is still easily accessible by road, rail, air or even sea.

High speed train services connect Londoners directly with stations across the South West and the areas airports (Bristol, Exeter and Newquay Cornwall Airports) give access to the country’s major cities as well as international hotspots.

The area’s economy

Some time ago, the South West was solely reliant on upon tin mining to support its economy. These days, however, are long gone. The new driving forces are most things related to information technology, from web design to internet marketing and digital services providers.

The area’s only downfall, if you’re deciding to move there yourself, could be the weather. Some years, the South West sees more rain than any other part of the country. The big downpour usually happens between autumn and winter, just in time for spring to take over with its colourful trees!