Some of the major frustrations tenants in the private rental sector face are poor communication and things taking too long, a new survey has revealed.

Property technology company Engage has recently compiled a study that found 49% of tenants experience these problems with their landlords.

The good tenant and the bad tenant [Infographic]

The level of frustration even saw an increase in younger tenants (those between the ages of 18 to 24), where 76% expressed the same issues.

Overall, 20% of tenants revealed that renting in comparison to owning makes them feel disconnected from their neighbours and community. This number saw an increase to a quarter among younger renters (aged 18 to 24) and a decrease to 15% among older tenants (those aged 55 and over).

Another big complaint for many (13%) was the frustration that came with the process of applying for a property, which can often take up to six weeks and can be very stressful.

Those living in London will probably experience the biggest frustration when it comes to make contact with their landlord as their four times less likely to succeed.

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Mitesh Patel is the managing director at Engage and explains the rise in frustration with renters understanding that they will stay in the private rental sector for longer and therefore expecting a higher standard in return.

“As an industry the rental sector is lagging behind probably every other industry in terms of customer service. But by thinking of tenants as customers and putting them at the core of all services, landlords can capitalise on the opportunities the growing market presents.”