Property Investment in England: Focus North West

The North West is the country’s third most populated region – after London and the South East – which means the need for housing is always huge for the Northerners.

The property market in England’s North West has seen a constant increase in interest from buyer as well as value in homes over the last couple of years. And with more and more people being priced out of the London market and the Northern Powerhouse initiative praising the area, more and more Southerners decide to make their way up north, too.

Property Investment in England: Overview England

When it comes to availabilities in the North West, the area has got something on offer for any investor’s desire. With a broad range of population age and living situations as well as location, the market covers the whole property spectrum.

Liverpool and Manchester are the area’s biggest cities and they both offer great connections to for those interested in regular trips down to London as well as anywhere else on the island. Additionally, the arrival of the HS2 will only improve travel times and make the country grow closer together.

And the ever growing Manchester Airport, which has recently seen an investment of $100m, connects visitors to multiple locations within the UK as well as abroad.

They mean business

Although for most people England’s North will forever be connected with the textiles industry or the Industrial Revolution, these days it’s mainly IT, digital and financial services that can be found up north.

Property Investment in England: Focus North East

A variety of companies have recently decided to either relocate entirely to a northern city or at least open a second head quarter in the North. Especially with some Brexit uncertainty playing up, the North often gives the better options for business and investment.

Once you’ve made up your mind and you start looking around, make sure to not only check out the big cities. People are slowly moving further out, and so are the best investments.

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