All three cities have made it in the top 4 for quickest return on investment for Airbnb properties in the UK, a recent study by online realtor Nested has revealed.

On average, renting out a property in Birmingham as Airbnb will allow you to get the full value paid off in just 38 months, the report explains. In Liverpool and Manchester it will take you 39 months.

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These figures reveal how Airbnb is becoming much more attractive for many property investors compared to traditional rental property. The Nested study suggests that it may take an average of 215 months to recuperate a property’s entire value when renting it out privately.

Sheffield was the only city to beat our three favourites with an average of only 36 months to regain the full value via Airbnb rental.

The growing “economy of sharing” is opening up new opportunities for landlords across the country to branch out.

At the same time, Generation Rent might begin to struggle even more to find somewhere suitable to live once more property investors opt for short-term letting over the long-term, make yourself at home, rental sector.

CEO of Nested, Matt Robinson said: “The rise of Airbnb is making it harder for renters to find properties as more landlords are preferring to rent to short term renters who pay a premium, but this is a great opportunity for those who have managed to fight their way onto the property ladder to make the most out of their property.”

Another consideration before heading into the Airbnb market may be the wear and tear that comes with this form of renting out a property. constant change in tenants and possible lack of a sense of “this is my home for now” may result in some tenants not taking particularly good care of the investor’s property.

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Additionally, the turnover in cleaning and re-arranging your property is much higher than when renting it out to private tenants for 12 months or longer.

All in all, if you’re looking for quick returns and a new market concept, Airbnb may be the way to go. If, however, low maintenance, long-term investment is your ideal plan, sticking with the private rental sector may be the better choice.

Here are the Airbnb rental return Top 15 according to Nested: