Our new expert series “Searches that come with a purchase” aims to make the process of purchasing a property easier to understand and is split into four parts. Part Three focuses on the Planning Report and the Energy and Infrastructure Risk Screening Report.

As part of the home-buying process your conveyancer will carry out multiple “searches” with the local authority and other parties. Searches are carried out to discover additional information about a property that often may not be obvious. They typically include aspects such as whether planning permission may be granted for a future development that would negatively impact your property, the quality of the ground on which your house is built or details of common drains and access rights.

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The searches should be completed and approved before you exchange contracts and legally commit yourself to purchasing the property, as they may highlight planning or structural issues that could either affect the value of the property, or result in additional costs further down the line.

Planning Report

The Local Authority search which is conducted on every property transaction only provides information on the property you are purchasing, not on the surrounding areas of the property.

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We are able to supply a variety of Planning Reports which provide information on the planning applications which may affect the enjoyment of your new home. The impact might be a new local supermarket, a school, a new housing estate or simply a neighbour developing a property or adjoining land.

In addition the report provides salient information on the neighbourhood, such as information on local school, amenities and crime rates.

The cost of this report (Plansearch Plus) is £31 plus VAT.

Energy and Infrastructure Risk Screening Report (incorporating HS2)

This report combines oil and gas exploration, fracking, wind generation activity and High Speed 2 in a single product.

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The report encompasses drilling locations and land blocks which are licensed for oil and gas exploration including shale gas, gas storage, methane gas, coal bed methane and conventional oil and gas.

In addition, the report provided enhanced data sets for the proposed High Speed 3 (HS2) rail network, including not only its route but also on vital station, tunnel and track depot information. It also covers wind farms and individual wind turbines that are operational, consented or under construction.

This report is available for commercial and residential properties – the cost of this search is estimated at £25 plus VAT.

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This article is part of our “Expert Advice” series and features advice from Aashim Dhand, Managing Director at PLS Solicitors. For more help get in contact with PLS here.