A quick decision over a lot of money. Manchester’s most expensive flat was snapped up within a few hours by a very decisive renter with even deeper pockets.

City centre living is becoming the standard for a lot of urban folk in Britain’s major cities. And that’s a good thing considering it revitalises urban centres and shortens people’s commutes significantly. But it comes with a price tag.

In this case, it came with an enormous rental tag of £10,000 a month.


deansgate-5 (1)


The luxury penthouse is located just off Deansgate and consists of three double bedrooms, a study, a spacious lounge and dining room and a terrace. On top of that, it offers beautiful – if not rainy – views of Manchester’s city centre.


deansgate4 (1)


Considering all of this, the question comes to mind whether a very lucky someone was just looking for a giant luxury property at that exact time or if there’s an actual demand for this kind of property.




Jennie Platt, Managing Director of letting agent City Centre Chic, told MEN she thinks there’s definitely a demand for this kind of property. For her, the bigger question is whether there are enough luxury properties to meet the demand.

She said:

It went really quickly because there is a lack of really high-end penthouse apartment that have three or four bedrooms.

“A lot of Europeans moving to Manchester are used to and like city centre living but there is not the stock.

“This property used to be two apartments but has been knocked through to just one and there aren’t many apartments like this one.”